Feast & Wine your way in 兔 the Lunar New Year
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Feast & Wine your way in 兔 the Lunar New Year

by Jasmine Tham on Jan 17, 2023

As you prepare to celebrate Lunar New Year, why not add some delicious wines to your festivities? Here are a few of our favourites that pair perfectly with some of the classic dishes you’ll be enjoying.


cny yusheng 2020 la spinetta


A crowd favourite, the tossing of the yusheng symbolises good luck & fortune. A light-bodied Moscato d’Asti would match the same light flavour of the Yusheng. Moreover, the light sweetness from the wine would go well with the honey as well as the tangy flavour from the plumy dressing of Yusheng.


cny steamed fish Henri Champliau


Delicate and flaky, this dish pairs best with a dry, young and fruity White wine such as Pinot Gris that has fresh acidity to best match and enhance the delicate sweetness of the fish meat.


cny steamboat


A hotpot is a great way for family members to come together during the festive period. Sparkling wines and Champagnes are a great way to pair with a hotpot. The bubbles offer a refreshing taste and lift up the flavours of the fresh vegetables and seafood from the steamboat.


cny valpolicella


Eating Pen Cai during family gatherings signifies reunion, harmony and auspiciousness. The medium-bodied red fruit flavors and fresh acidity of Valpolicella gives the limelight to the Pen Cai which consists of slow-braised and stewed precious ingredients.



cny bak kwa shiraz


Bak kwa, or barbequed dried meat, has a sweet and smokey flavour profile. Try pairing it with a full-bodied, spicy Shiraz which match well the rich smoky bak kwa.

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